Seattle, WA

Monorail Espresso

Starbucks Roastery & Tasting Room

Slate Coffee Roasters

Kaladi Brothers Coffee

Roy Street Coffee & Tea

Espresso Vivace

Analog Coffee

Broadcast Coffee Roasters

Bauhaus Books & Coffee

Victrola Coffee Roasters

Pike Place Starbucks (original location)

Ghost Alley Espresso

Caffe Ladro


Indianapolis, IN

Here are the places we checked out in Indianapolis. For more pictures and comments, follow us on Instagram (coffeecrawlers) or Twitter (2coffeecrawlers).


Foundry Provisions

Tinker Coffee

Bee Coffee Roasters


Harvest Cafe (this place is in an old car dealership. Weird. They moster focus on roasting but despite the weirdness we had a good conversation)

Hubbard & Cravens

Cafe Patachou

Darrin’s a Coffee Company


Mid-year (sort of) coffee crawl update

We’ve been drinking a LOT of coffee but haven’t necessarily kept up on the blog like we should. Oops.

We visited Indianapolis, IN in two different dates and went to Chicago, IL to the Wicker Park neighborhood, which turned out to be a gold mine of small coffee shops. We visited 11 coffee shops in just about 2.5 days. Check out “Reviews: Where We’ve Been” for a list of visited places. Not all reviews are written yet; we have the information but haven’t had a chance to put it all to paper yet.

Work and side jobs got SUPER CRAZY in May/June/July so our efforts to travel on the weekends were brutally rebuffed.  We’re behind; we’ve only hit 5 of 15 cities and we’re halfway through the year. But hopefully we can make up for it in the fall when travelling is easier and weather is more pleasant. We haven’t even hit Cincinnati yet, so there’s an easy one there. 🙂

At the end of August we’re checking a couple of places off our bucket list and headed to Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; and hopefully taking a train up to Vancouver, BC one day from Seattle. We have a handful of places we’d like to visit in Portland and Seattle, but if you have suggestions we’re open to them! These cities are coffee meccas and are beautiful places to visit besides (so we’ve been told), and we’re very excited for this trip!

We’re hoping to hit another close city (Lexington, KY or Columbus, OH maybe?) in August, but have 2 sets of family members moving which may require our available weekends. Family > coffee! 🙂

Hope you’re having a fantastic 2015!

Louisville, Coffee, & Harry Connick, Jr

We’re headed to Louisville, KY on Saturday, February 28th to see Harry Connick, Jr LIVE in concert at the Louisville Palace with friends. We are SUPER stoked – we’ve wanted to see him live for a long time because he is ridiculously talented.

But before the show, we’re going to drink coffee. And a lot of it. We have several places we’re hoping to catch (in this order – maybe?):

  1. LaGrange Coffee Roasters – as the Louisville City Voter 2014 #1 coffee shop, we figured this was a must do – and we pass it on our way to Louisville, so it will be our first stop.
  2. Heine Bros Coffee – this was the #2 spot in the same City Voter list, and has been in Louisville brewing organic fair-trade coffee for over 20 years. We’ll be visiting a location in the Highlands.
  3. Highland Coffee Company – this was the #3 spot in the City Voter list, and recommended by a friend of a friend. While we’re hanging out in the Highlands we’ll hit up its namesake coffee spot.
  4. Quills Coffee – Quills may have been #4 on the City Voter list but we’ve had several people recommend we go there, so we’ll wrap up our Highlands-area coffee crawl with Quills. And if what we’ve heard is true, I’m sure we’ll be bringing home some good whole bean coffee as well.
  5. Please and Thank You – this combo coffee shop/record shop is a fascinating idea to us, and maybe we can add to our jazz record collection.
  6. Sunergos Coffee – as we head downtown we definitely want to make sure we hit Sunergos. We’ve heard amazing reviews so this is a must-visit.

(At some point in here we’re hoping to grab a grass-fed burger for lunch at Bluegrass Burger, unless one of these shops surprises us with grain-free/paleo-friendly food options.)

Sadly we’d like to visit Harden down in Campbellsville, as we’ve heard rave reviews. But we just don’t have time to get to Campbellsville AND 6 other places in Louisville. 😦

See you Saturday, Louisville!

we're going to drink a LOT of coffee.